About Us

Master Food LLC is a private company founded in 2007. Owner and director of this business entity is Svetislav Mlađenović. Basic business activity of the company is purchasing and processing soft fruit, primarily raspberry of Willamette and Meeker sort, blackberry, blueberry, current and aronia. We possess two modern cold storage plants with the overall capacity of 1000t, which are equipped with the most modern BITZER i GUNTNER cooling equipment. Within the company there is an agricultural pharmacy located in the center of Užice where you can get expert help of our agronomists, buy all necessary means for protection, nutrition of fruit, vegetables and other crops. Cold storage plants, as well as the representative office are located in the vicinity of the city of Užice, only 3km away from the main road Užice-Zlatibor at the address Jelovogorska N/N. Master Food LLC cooperates closely with experts in agro-economy and agriculture. We are always at the disposal of agricultural producers that we cooperate with so that we could get them familiar with the best possible technologies of planting and maintaining their seedlings.


Buying the highest quality fruit and processing in the highest standard.


Production of organic fruit which become an international brand with its notable geographical origin, thanks to its highest quality.




Tehnologija proizvodnje maline

Master food Cold Storage

Agricultural pharmacy

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