Master food an organic fruit production

About Us / Mission / Vision

Master food, an organic fruit production company, has 30 employees who strive every day to bring the best quality berries to the world and European market.
A world that thinks and behaves organically is the only way of life that brings an improvement to the quality of life on our planet.
Master food is a private company with the idea to bring the highest quality fruits from the mountainous parts of Serbia to domestic and world markets. By helping farmers to produce the highest quality fruits, and by using innovations, we bring unmodified and pure fruits, as nature intended: rich in taste, full of quality ingredients, with bright natural colors.
Using cutting edge technologies, and thanks to the highest quality of goods which western Serbia is famous for, we can bring the top quality product.
Respecting all values ​​and every link in the production chain, from farmer to end consumer, every relation and phase, we ensure the quality, safety, and standardization that is essential for the quality of our products to be at the highest level.
The quality of organic fruits from western Serbia is known to be at the top end of a scale, according to all world standards of organic production, and as such we see it as the leading recognizable international brand of well-known geographic origin.

Primary activity:

– purchasing and processing of organic and conventional fruits
– providing advise for producers (farmers) by agronomists in order to obtain the highest quality fruit
– production of organic products (organic premium jam, organic smoothie)

Production capacities:

Processing capacity 3.000 tons per year

Number of employees:


Export markets:

Canada, Middle East, Spain, Germany

Standards and certificates:

BRC FOOD, HACCP, IFS FOOD, NOP, EOS, Organic certificate of the Republic of Serbia

Master food Cold Storage

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