The world wants organic fruit

Uzice – Organic production is a world trend, natural products find their way to customers in the world more easily.

The world wants organic fruit Master food product line

Organic jams for export on the production line, Master Food – Užice, photo: S. Jovicic

Fruits from unpolluted areas of Serbia (raspberries in particular) have been on the price for a long time, with the fact that our fruit products of a higher level of processing have recently been offered to the world market, not only fruits, Politika reports in print.

This is how what has long been proposed in our country as a way to make a better income, to make lucrative activity easier to withstand occasional disturbances in the price of fruit in export, comes to life.

This was shown by the just-concluded world fair of organic food “Biofah”, which is traditionally held in the German city of Nuremberg. It lasted from the 17th to the 20th of this month, and for the first time (due to the pandemic) it was organized in digital format. Over the internet, with digital booths full of diverse products from about 3,000 organic food exhibitors from 130 countries. Everything is like in a real hall, and virtually. With a lot of visitors to that digital fair (they say over 100,000), who had to buy tickets for this kind of monitoring.

The world wants organic fruit Master food Jam line

The appearance of Serbian organic food producers was organized at this prestigious gathering, which is not only an exhibition of the organic sector, but also a place of trade and business. The export trump cards of nine of our companies were presented at a joint stand organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Swiss program “SIPPO”. There were finished organic products of interest to foreign markets. Such was the case with the Uzice fruit purchase and processing company “Master Food”, whose organic raspberry jams and four other types of fruit presented here are already being tried in Spain, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. They were first seen last year in Nuremberg and then ordered regularly. -We also presented the export products of our company at this fair: organic jams and frozen fruits. There was interest, “Master Food” had about twenty business contacts with interested parties from various countries. We expect that some of that will bear fruit. Certainly, with quality fruit products, with state support to producers, an opportunity opens up for a business step forward for our other companies in this industry. Our advantage is the climate and unpolluted hilly land – says for our paper, graduate economist Svetislav Mladjenovic, owner of the company “Master Food”. Last year, a month before the crown, he was at the fair in Nuremberg. This Uzice company has been buying and processing berries from this region for 14 years, where the highest quality raspberries in the world are grown (it also buys blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, currants). It has modern refrigerators for freezing and storage, about twenty employees. For the last three years, “Master Food” has been working on demanding work, organic production and fruit processing. She is one of the first companies from this part of Serbia to take on this challenge. – That idea appeared in the 2018 season, when the price of raspberries was very low, below the profitable work of both refrigerators and raspberries. I decided to change something there and start with organic production. I have included as subcontractors a number of fruit growers from this area, who, within our project, have started to produce organic raspberries and other fruits on their unpolluted orchards, which are quite common in these mountainous areas. They are supported by subsidies from the Ministry of Agriculture and local governments. Everything on the plots is done in compliance with demanding standards and regulations. “Master Food” processes such fruit in strictly controlled conditions. Respecting the standards, we obtained certificates recognized in the world, from a certification house from France. Then we started this production of organic raspberry jam and four other fruit types, the experts came up with a recipe for us (without added sugar), so now we export the jam. It is in demand in the world, we sell it at a price that allows us to expand organic fruit plantations and develop this production – points out the owner of “Master Food”. Thus, the world’s best raspberry from the Zlatibor district, as well as other fruits, processed into small modernly designed jars of organic jam, on which is written “100 percent fruit”. This interested buyers and tasters from various continents. The first orders went to Spain and the Emirates, followed by buyers from the USA, Russia and Ireland. These jams can already be purchased at stores in Dubai. New deliveries are just ready for Spain, which buys the most. For now, this production is for export only. GZS / Politics, Branko Pejović