The essence of healthy living is that daily consumption of even small amounts of fruit has extremely positive health effects.

Fruit, besides being healthy, can be extremely tasty, can also serve as an ideal dessert.

Experts emphasize that with the process of freezing nutrients and vitamins are not lost from the fruit at all. Frozen fruits are just as healthy as fresh ones.

What’s more, in certain situations, frozen fruit can be healthier than fresh!

How often do we eat fruit as soon as we pick it off the branch? After all, how often do we pick fruit or have the opportunity to pick it? The fact is that we buy fruit from markets and supermarkets. Although the fruit is presented as fresh in those places, it is unlikely that it was picked from the branch that day. Due to the need for transportation, the fruit is sometimes a few days old. Depending on the transport and storage conditions, this period can be long enough for the fruit to start losing nutrients and vitamins.

In such situations, frozen fruit can certainly be a healthier choice. Especially if it is frozen immediately after picking with quick freezing technology, which is the case in our company.

We have already touched on one benefit. Namely, due to the fact that each fruit has its own season, it is not available to us throughout the year. However, freezing solves this problem. If you are a true berry lover, then the summer period, when this fruit ripens, is probably too short for you. That is why it is completely healthy to consume frozen fruit all year round.

In addition, experts recommend eating at least two types of fruit a day. This can be a problem at certain times of the year when the supply is low or the fruit is too expensive. It is clear how frozen fruit solves this problem.

In winter, southern fruits are mostly available to consumers: oranges, tangerines, bananas, kiwi, etc. Considering that this fruit does not grow on all continents, you can only guess how fresh it can be. Then it is definitely a better choice to take some mountain frozen fruit from the Master Food Organic offer. It is far from the fact that lemons or oranges are unhealthy, but it is not necessary to consume them exclusively in winter.

If you do not have the opportunity to freeze fruit yourself, then it is good to know that frozen fruit can be obtained very easily today. Whether you need a large quantity for a restaurant or a retail outlet, Master Food can help. Here you can see the selection of frozen fruits with the possibility to order and buy.